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my name is paola and ur dumb

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parody blog


me and perseaus made a parody glow account so GO follow it for ironic glow humor

cute playlist by me


guess who made another playlist? me. that’s right. so u better go listen to it and jam the fuck out, alright?

my cute acoustic playlist


ive made another 8tracks playlist please check this one out too ily guys

my new 8tracks playlist


please listen to this and tell me what you think i love you all!

agAIN in case you decided to disregard that last link i posted please follow me on my new blog okay i love youuuuuuu uu uu uu uu 


follow my new blog!!!!!! pleaSE !!!!! 

HI FRIENDS i just wanted to let you all know that i will no longer be posting from this account. i’m making a new blog called mythicult and it’ll be all cool and awesome and kickass. feel free to unfollow on here ((but pls follow my new account once i link it)) :D 



i’m watching frozen hans is such a cutie aw

wrong wrong wrong i was so wrong never have i been more wrong